I help teens who feel like they just can’t keep it all together when there are so many moving parts in their lives.  Feeling stuck or trapped is frustrating and hard. It causes your teen to shut down or having emotional outbursts with you when it gets to be too much. The hardest part of this is that these behaviors often create more isolation, and more problems.

I connect best with young people experiencing strong emotions they may not fully understand and may not know how to handle. This may happen with no apparent cause, and sometimes that happens when your teen or young adult is trying and struggling to adjust to changes in their lives related to starting high school or college, experiencing a breakup, divorce or the death of a loved one.

We work together to identify their physical and emotional needs (because often they struggle to speak about these feelings effectively) and create a plan to get those needs met.  I work with you and/or your teen to see what is going well because it can often feel like everything is going wrong.

I want young people to know that the feelings they are experiencing are valid, normal and THEIRS to have…even if other people around them do not agree or do not understand. So, if your teen is miserable and does not necessarily know why or what to do, I can help!


Before joining the Thompson Child Therapy team, I worked as a Professional School Counselor for over nine years in a suburban high school. In my time as a School Counselor, I had the opportunity to work with adolescents facing academic, personal and social turmoil that was amplified by their struggles with anxiety, depression, suicidal thoughts and numerous other behavioral and mental health needs.

Because most problems we experience in life do not stop at the door—whether it is the door to school or the door to home—I worked with parents and guardians to support the student no matter where they were.

In my experience, it was clear that environmental and family concerns heavily influenced a young person’s ability to meet their basic needs (such as positive mental health) let alone their academic goals. As a result, I formed the belief that the best care involves working with the entire family. I am happy to continue this practice with you.


My additional specific area of interest is supporting families through their own grief and loss experiences. Well before I had any “real” experience with death myself, I found supporting teens and families in mourning particularly rewarding. I often found myself thinking, “How can a universal experience such as death produce such a vast array of reactions?” You may have noticed that there are people who are comfortable talking about difficult subjects like death, and it turns out I am one of those people.

As a current hospice volunteer and certified End-Of-Life-Specialist, I have received training and have experience in discussing the dying process and how death can affect people differently. If your family, teen or young adult is struggling with a death (recent or not), I can help.


I have a Masters of Arts in School Counseling from The George Washington University, which is where I met practice owner Megghan Thompson. I graduated in 2009 and became a Professional School Counselor.

After settling into raising my young children, I took continuing education courses through the Master’s Plus program at Loyola so that I could obtain my license to practice privately. I became a Licensed Clinical Professional Counselor (LCPC) in Maryland in 2020. I have a Bachelors of Arts degree in Psychology from Towson University. Tigers for life!


I enjoy spending my down time outside with my family, reading science fiction or snuggling with my two cats. Fun fact: every car I have owned has been a manual transmission…I’m really good at shifting gears under stress! 😉