My name is Ann Yip. As a Psychotherapist and a Registered Play Therapist, I strive to help kiddos with big feelings in a safe and playful space. It’s my passion to help kids find meaning, passion and healing in their lives.


I am a Licensed Clinical Professional Counselor (LCPC) in Maryland. I received my Masters of Science from Johns Hopkins with a concentration in Counseling and, with a specialty in School Counseling. Furthermore, I obtained my Post Masters in Clinical Mental Health Counseling also from Johns Hopkins University.

I am an experienced Emergency Room Psychiatric Evaluator with a demonstrated history of working ethically and professionally in the hospital & the healthcare industry.  I have extensive experience working with people who are in crises including being actively manic, delusional, suicidal and homicidal. I also have extensive experience as a Psychotherapist in the private practice setting.

I am an expert in working with children. I work with children on issues ranging from raising their self-confidence to helping them understand their suicidal thoughts. I am also passionate about working with adults who are severely underrepresented. I have a strong background in working with adults who suffer with a wide range of diagnoses classified under Maryland’s law as the Severely Mentally Ill- Priority Population. This means I am proficient in working with adults diagnosed with anything from major depressive disorder to bipolar disorder to schizophrenia. I am a Registered Play Therapist and believe this further pushes me towards my real passion of working with children. I believe that everyone, especially children, need a safe space to express their emotions, fears and dreams. With my Client-Centered, CBT, and Solution Focused therapeutic approach, I continue to do just that.


During my downtime I love to spend time with my husband, my baby girl, my family and friends. My hobbies include my Etsy shop, my lifestyle blog, my art, baking, cooking and traveling the world. Traveling is my real passion and I am so blessed to have the means to do so.I will never stop traveling the world! I am a firm believer that even adults can play and that play can heal the soul. After all, hobbies are an adult’s form of play. So, if you’re an adult reading this, remember to fit play into your day!