Sensitive Superheroes

A group for Highly Sensitive Children who struggle with managing their BIG feelings

Your child will learn skills to:

  • decrease frustration and prevent meltdowns

  • calm the mind at school to prevent after school blow-ups

  • beat shame to stop thinking they are a “bad kid”

  • increase self-esteem and feel like they are not alone as a Highly Sensitive Child

  • develop assertiveness skills to manage the urge to “be the boss” or the “fairness police” and to speak up when needed

This group will require parent participation via at-home ‘experiments’ to help your child practice what they learn in group

This group meets weekly with rolling admission. Your child would participate until their goals are met.

*Individual intake assessment required to ensure an appropriate fit and set goals for treatment for a one-time separate fee. This is crucial for you and your Highly Sensitive Child to build a relationship with the therapist (and our canine co-therapist) before we add activities and other kids to the mix!

We are out of network with all insurances. We will submit to your insurance company for billing if you wish, and you may be reimbursed. This is contingent upon your insurance plan. You can read more about insurance information here.

Watch the videos below to help understand what will be covered in group and whether it is the right fit for you and your child!

We are not currently accepting new clients.

Who is this group for?