Mom consoling anxious chilcChildren often struggle to communicate their worries directly. Instead, we see challenging behaviors like:

  • refusing school or other activities
  • trouble with transitions
  • meltdowns
  • fidgeting
  • trouble with bedtime routines/refusing to sleep alone/frequent nightmares
  • clinginess
  • forgetfulness, or difficulty focusing (often confused with ADHD)
  • regression (acting like he did when he was younger)

We will work together to create a specific plan to support your child at home, school, and in the community to help him feel more in control of his worries. I will work with you and assign homework as needed to help you feel more confident responding to his needs in your daily life. It is important to me that parents are involved in their child’s treatment and that we collaborate closely so I can obtain a full picture of your child’s needs.

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Mom and son having fun by the lake

If your child’s meltdowns seem to be too much compared to their peers, or your child just seems to have BIG emotions about seemingly small matters, they may be a Highly Sensitive Child. Please read more about my specialty here.