Just when you feel like you’ve got this whole parenting thing down pat, your kid throws you for a loop with some pretty weird behavior. Maybe it’s a sudden fear, or an unexpected bout of separation anxiety. Or perhaps you’re going through some transitions in your home (new job schedule, parent going back to work, new sibling on the way, moving…eeek!) and you just want some support to help your kiddo adjust. You are adept enough to know his worries could be swept up with the chaos of the changes, and want to make sure you do what you can to make him feel understood.

Enter Parent Consultation! A one-time consultation, or weekly/bi-weekly sessions are an option. I will meet with you/your spouse but will not be meeting your child. Because I will be more direct in giving advice, and expecting you to provide the emotional support to your child in this solution-focused approach, it is different than the relationship we would build if you were a therapy client.


  • 15 min Initial Phone Consultation: No charge
  • Inquire within for current fees

Insurance will not be billed for parent consultation. All services are out of pocket. Insurance requires a mental health diagnosis in order to reimburse/cover services. I often meet with parents only for consulting and will not diagnose a child within these services.


I also offer Parent Coaching for parents of Highly Sensitive Children though my separate business, Megghan Thompson Coaching. To find more information about this service, click here to leave this website.