Group of emotional teensFor teens who need help with managing out of control emotions to avoid blow ups and risky behaviors so that they can manage overwhelm without making things worse.

This group is for your sensitive teen if they:

  • cry, freak out, or yell at the drop of a hat
  • are overly self-critical and feel like they are ‘not good enough’
  • keep it all together during the school day only to lose it with you at home
  • have suicidal thoughts, or engage in self harmful behavior
  • engage in other risky behavior (breaking curfew, driving recklessly, promiscuity, drug & alcohol experimentation)

Here your teen will learn skills to:

  • keep calm throughout the day without pretending like everything’s “fine”
  • manage overwhelm so that they don’t take their stress out on you or their siblings
  • avoid acting out in anger and taking risky actions when upset
  • prevent perfectionism and self-judgement so they attempt new things and survive failures without devastation
  • avoid self-harm & suicide attempts without bottling up feelings

We are not currently accepting new clients.

What are the logistics?

Inquire within for current fees
  • 90 minute group for middle schoolers Tuesday, 5pm
  • 60 minute group for middle schoolers Thursday, 10am
  • 120 minute teen group Wednesdays, 6pm
  • 120 minute teen group, Thursdays, 6pm

A 90 minute group is required for teens engaging in life-threatening behaviors, as this follows the DBT protocol, a research-backed treatment to keep teens out of the hospital