I will speak with you via phone before your first appointment to consult with you about your family’s needs. Call for your free 15 minute consultation to discuss whether we are a good fit.

Children/Teens 14 and Under

I prefer to meet only with the parent(s) for the first appointment. This gives us a chance to ensure we are a good match, as well as time to discuss your concerns without having to rush. We will discuss the current issue as well as your child’s history and schedule the second visit for me to meet your child. At the second visit, I typically begin the session with parent and child in the room. This helps your child feel more comfortable. Depending on the age and emotional maturity of your child, we will either spend the remainder of the hour discussing his/her concerns, or I will provide the opportunity for your child to explore the playroom.  Typically, our third session will begin with creating a treatment plan. Again, depending on the age of your child, he/she may be involved in this process as well.

Teens 15 and Up

I prefer to meet with the parents and their teen at the first appointment.  For adolescents, it is very important that they feel certain they can trust me and that I won’t just be an extension of their parent if they come to therapy. For that reason, I tend to begin my sessions with teens and their parents in the office, then meet with the parents only, and lastly meet with the teen alone. Time willing, we will complete this process all within the first session. We will have subsequent sessions to gather deeper history and create a treatment plan. We can discuss this on the phone, as your family’s circumstances may require an alternate approach.

Teens 16 and Older

In the state of Maryland, teens 16 and older have a unique set of rights. They are allowed to seek mental health treatment for themselves without parental permission. They are not, however, able to refuse said treatment if their parents decide they must participate. With that said, it is essential that I work hard to build a relationship with your teen to ensure they are engaged in therapy in order to make progress.

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