Are you Panic Parenting?

When your teen is struggling, the last thing you want to do is let them figure it out on their own.

But when your suggestions are met with refusal, frustration, and your teen yelling that you don’t get it, you can feel helpless.

You might even hear from others that this is what parenting a hormonal teen is like… and to strap in and wait for the next few years to pass until your teen comes to their senses.

But you know this isn’t how you want your teen to remember their adolescence at home.

You want a close relationship where they come to you for support BEFORE they blow up in anxious anger.

You want your teen to try new ways to manage frustration that are healthy and don’t make you worry about their safety.

You want to trust your teen to explore independence and social interaction without fearing they’ll make dangerous choices.

And you want to do all of that without spying on their phone, tracking them down when they leave the house and forget to call, and arguing with your spouse or co-parent that they just need more discipline and are too “entitled.”

When parents of teens know how to coach their teen rather than referee their choices they feel powerful. They know exactly what to say to help their teen feel understood and set limits effectively and are certain they are raising a teen that can manage their emotions along with their responsibilities.

This is why one of first things we do in our workshop for parents is help parents know exactly what to say, and why their efforts to avoid panicked parenting are falling flat.

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