If your kid/teen holds it in and explodes after school…

We often hear from parents who say their child is reportedly a “perfect angel” at school, holding it all in and then exploding at home.

If your Highly Sensitive child or teen clamps their lid on tight like a pressure cooker, explosive behavior is likely to show up at home often.

Highly Sensitive kids and teens often know that their teachers or peers wouldn’t react well to seeing them cry, yell, or have a meltdown, and so as a parent, you’re left holding the bag of an explosive child/teen as a result.

It may seem counterintuitive to “bother” the school with this information, but parents whom we help change this dynamic celebrate when we help them get the school on board towards helping their HSC learn to de-stress DURING the school day.

It’s not easy, your HSC is probably quite embarrassed and disinterested in sharing their challenges with school professionals, so it’s a delicate conversation to have with both your child and the school.

This is why we are hosting a workshop for you. 

In it we will teach all about how to:

-Support your child in a loving way and model the very important skill of asking for help

-Change your understanding of your child’s needs so that you can speak about their challenges in the context of their strengths to the teacher

-Know exactly how to explain your child/teen’s temperament in a developmentally appropriate way so that your child/teen becomes their own advocate rather than a turtle hiding in their shell assuming adults will read their mind when they need help

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