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Teach your kid to hug themselves, by first hugging yourself

The #1 Calm Down Strategy Most Parents Overlook

It seems counterintuitive, but the one of the first things I teach parents is how you can recognize and care for yourself before we work on addressing your child’s behavior. Parents often think “If I can just get my kid’s behavior under control, THEN I can finally read that book, or sign up for Zumba, or take that weekend away to golf.” The truth is, without the patience to manage those meltdowns, your child cannot successfully achieve that change you’re hunting.

And the fact is, you’re wondering if that trip will ever come for you if things keep going down this path. You’ve been trying all sorts of coping skills. You’re on the right track, part of preparing your kid for the world is teaching him/her when to take a break when they’re overwhelmed. (You know it’s not just about figuring out how to toughen up and accept the fact that there are bad things that happen in this world, move on, and get over it.)

Highly Sensitive kids are the catalyst for change in our society, and they can’t act on what subtleties they notice in the world without support in knowing when to retreat into calm.

The first step towards setting them up for success is modeling this for them, EVEN when it seems like you have NO TIME to do it given how many meltdowns they have each day!

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