It’s not coddling if you’re supporting their growth

Why avoiding “coddling” isn’t the way to go…

When your child is overwhelmed, I want you to think of your child like a newborn, everything is intense to him/her in that moment. 

Sights, sounds, bright lights, emotions, it all adds up, so they look away from you to have a lower stimulating environment.

After a few minutes, they come back and look again. 

With Highly Sensitive Children, we need to help them recreate this for themselves. 

We need to have them take quiet time before they give us any sign they’re overstimulated. 

We are teaching them to develop the skills needed as adults that will help them curl up on the couch with a good book, go to bed early, leave a party when it gets too rowdy, etc… rather than feeling guilty that they can’t keep up, and pushing beyond their personal limits, only to burn out quicker.

If you need help finding that balance of supporting your child’s needs, while helping him/her grow into a balanced adult, read about our Parent Workshop below.


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