The Critical Mistake Parents Make When Dealing with After-School Meltdowns and How to Avoid it

Parents often ask how to deal with the meltdowns after school, most specifically how to stop a meltdown. Makes sense, the emotional bombs after school are unreal, and you know your kid is not just hangry. This isn’t a Snicker’s commercial!

This is a critical mistake. Searching for a magic wand (or 10) to use during a meltdown is ineffective at helping your HSC develop skills to manage the stress of school. 

You need to focus on teaching your child to avoid the overwhelm that leads to the meltdown in the first place. How do you do that? You need a team. Your KID needs a team. 

Think of how long your kid is going to be in school; what lesson are you teaching if you’re focusing on ‘riding it out’ until they deal with it at home? Pacing that emotional overwhelm and dealing with it IN THE MOMENT is the only way your child will learn to be an effective member of society. Isn’t that the end game?

Our Back to School Workshop helps with exactly that. Decreasing the overwhelm in the first place & getting the school on board with supporting your child is the first step. Next, helping your child develop those skills to decrease the overwhelm through the day in a way that helps avoid his/her sense of being the center of attention when using them is crucial. 

That’s right. I KNOW your HSC struggles to ask for help for fear of being judged or seeming like a burden. These strategies don’t need to include permission from a teacher. 

Learn more about setting your sensitive child/teen up for success for the duration of this school year, click the link below to learn more:


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