How to help your HSC feel confident in making changes

Oftentimes parents don’t realize while they’re talking about their child’s behavior that particular words they chose to use had a deeper impact on their child’s self-confidence than they are aware. Semantics are important for HSCs, as they have such an expansive imagination. So, HSCs need specific support!

+Recognize what your goal is in that moment: to receive support/validation from a friend? To get your child to change their behavior?

+How can you do this by sticking to the facts, and using non-evaluative language?

Example: Your kid is playing with a sibling or friend, and starts complaining about not getting his way in the game. Change “stop being so whiny!” to: “seems like you had an idea about how that would go, but it isn’t working out”

When speaking to another adult, Change: “she’s such a whiner” to “Sometimes she has a hard time compromising, but we’re working on it” 

Your friend will understand what you mean, and your child will feel respected as he/she is struggling.

If you’d like more support on how to parent your HSC effectively, read about our Parent Workshop series below:


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